Monday February 16, 2015
This problem challenges you to use the GNU gprof utility to identify a function in a program that takes the longest time to run, thereby making it a candidate for parallelism.
This challenge problem is based on the serial (non-parallel) version of the ideal gas model described in a previous challenge problem. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with this problem first:

As part of this challenge, no documentation is provided to you about using the GNU gprof utility, but this can be easily found via a Web search.

First, download the starter code and comment out or remove the code that prints the picture of the flasks at each time step.

Next, compile the program with the relevant flag for gprof added to the Makefile.

Then, run the program to generate a gmon.out file.

Finally, use gprof and the gmon.out file to identify which function takes the most time to run.
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