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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Thinks About Race Now That He's Made It, And Almost Nobody Noticed (video)

To set the scene, the (poorly posed) question is referring to comments made by former Treasury Secretary and Harvard University President Lawrence Summers, who suggested that genetic differences could explain why there are fewer girls in science. Neil DeGrasse Tyson's answer is out of this world. To view the video, please visit

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It's Cool to Be a Geek, EU Tells Women

The European Commission has created a new campaign to attract women to the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Launched as part of the recent International Women's Day, the campaign seeks to encourage more young women to study technology and pursue careers in the industry by celebrating role models and highlighting inspiring women in online videos. Women are needed to help ease the unemployment problem in the European Union, according to technology commissioner Neelie Kroes. There were more than 400,000 job vacancies in the ICT sector in February, but women account for...

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Intel Selects Georgia Tech as Site for Next Parallel Computing Center

As modern computer systems become more powerful, utilizing as many as millions of processor cores in parallel, Intel is looking for new ways to efficiently use these high performance computing (HPC) systems to accelerate scientific discovery. As part of this effort, Intel has selected Georgia Tech as the site of one of its Parallel Computing Centers. Modern computing systems, to meet scientific demands of the future, cannot rely solely on the expanded computing power of hardware but also need algorithms and software that can efficiently use massive amounts of parallelism. Intel is creatin...

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Computer Science Students Help Singers Learn Their Vowels (video)

University of Rochester News

University of Rochester computer science students have developed Vowel Sounds, software designed to address some of the challenges voice students face. Voice students currently learn how to sing their vowels by listening to the teacher sing and trying to match the sound. Vowel Shapes automatically analyzes the vowel sounds produced by a singer and generates ovals that represent each different sound in real time. The oval shapes generated by the application change depending on the sound. The program first records the teacher singing the requi...

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National Computational Science Institute Summer Workshops 2014

Computational Biology for Biology Educators
July 21-23, 2014 - Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais Illinois Introduction to Computational Thinking
June 23-25, St Joseph's College, Patchogue NY (Long Island)
August 4-6, Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar MO

This workshop will cover various ways that computers can be used to enhance and expand the educational experience of students enrolled in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. Discussions and hands-on laboratory exercises on visualization, simulation, molecular modeling, and mathematical software will...

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Off the Shelf, on the Skin: Stick-On Electronic Patches for Health Monitoring Developed by UIUC

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and Northwestern University have developed thin, soft, stick-on patches that stretch and move with the skin and incorporate commercial, off-the-shelf chip-based electronics for sophisticated wireless health monitoring. The researchers say the patches could be used for daily health tracking, wirelessly sending updates to a cellphone or computer, and could revolutionize clinical monitoring such as EKG and EEG testing. "What is very important about this device is it is wirelessly powered and can send high-quality data about...

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Call for Chapter Proposals: Encyclopedia of E-Health and Telemedicine

Proposals Submission Deadline: May 18, 2014
Full Chapters Due: September 30, 2014

Health and social care, e-Health, Telemedicine, are at the center of the research policies, on the research agenda of the world governments and are facing major developments. This publication intends to put together, in a comprehensive way, the problems of ageing, health, health care, social care, mobility, ageing well, quality of life of people with special needs, user needs analysis, and the recent approaches provided by ICT, such as e-Health and Telemedicine, new te...

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ORNL’s John Wagner Receives E.O. Lawrence Award

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UC San Diego Unveiling the Universe’s Earliest Secrets

It's the faintest light, yet it carries information from the beginning of time. A telescope trained on the Antarctic sky has picked up swirling patterns of light believed to be the imprint of the violent expansion of the universe a trillionth of a second after it burst into being. Excitement swept the scientific community following the March 17 announcement, tempered by caution. If the signal is real, the discovery is the first evidence of an idea proposed three decades ago and possibly worthy of a Nobel Prize. But before any prizes are awarded, the finding must be confirmed by another in...

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Register Today - NCSA Blue Waters Symposium for Petascale Science and Beyond

May 12-15, 2014 – Champaign, Illinois

Science teams from across the nation use Blue Waters to simulate the evolution of the cosmos, delve into fine-scale processes in molecular dynamics and quantum physics, and solve many research challenges in between. Many of these projects require a large portion of the hundreds of thousands of processors that constitute Blue Waters and would be difficult or impossible to run elsewhere. Hosted by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), this symposium will bring together these leaders in petascale computat...

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Apply for XSEDE14 Student Program Travel Support

Application Deadline – April 28, 2014

The XSEDE14 Student Program encompasses all of the student-focused sessions and events at the annual XSEDE conference, July 13-18, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.  We invite students in any discipline who are interested in learning how digital resources can be used to further their research or career goals to participate. To apply for student travel, lodging and registration grants, please visit For more information regarding the XSE...

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