Information for Educators

This area provides information for educators interested in awards, the development of computational science curriculum, references to sites with computational education materials, and opportunities for professional advancement.

The awards section lists awards and competitions for educators that offered by a variety of professional organizations. These include the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the IEEE, federal agencies, and several independent conferences and other organizations.

The competencies section provides lists of student and professional competencies for computational and data science related fields. The competencies were developed as part of several National Science Foundation Projects, the XSEDE project, and related efforts. They can serve as a guide to the learning objectives for various undergraduate, graduate, and professional development programs for those interested in developing courses and curricula.

The projects and programs section has links to a variety of resources for computational science education materials. Those interested in finding materials should also browse or search the resources catalog and training materials on other parts of the HPCUniversity site.

Aside from using these materials, please feel free to submit information for posting on this site as appropriate.

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