Monday September 29, 2014
This problem challenges you to modify an existing hybrid parallel program to generate output using NetCDF.
Similar to challenge problem 69,, your task is to implement NetCDF output in an existing parallel program, namely that solved by challenge problem 83, It is recommended you familiarize yourself with these challenge problems first.

The "Hybrid Parallel Acceleration solution" file below contains the code you should modify. A working example of a NetCDF program is also provided in the "netCDF solution zip file" below. You should use this second file as reference when updating the first file.

The MPI process with a rank of 0 should be the one initializing, finalizing, and writing data using NetCDF. The same data that is output using printf should be output to a file using NetCDF.

The resulting program should generate a file called "" that can be viewed using the ncdump utility provided by NetCDF. The "accel-data sample file" below is an example file generated by a working program running with 2 MPI processes, each with 3 OpenMP threads.
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