Tuesday September 17, 2013
This problem concerns a model of a population of rabbits. The problem is an extension of Rabbit Reproduction, http://hpcuniversity.org/students/weeklyChallenge/58/. You may want to familiarize yourself with that problem first.
Your task is to create a model that tracks the movement, hunger, reproduction, and death of rabbits.

In this model, rabbits move around in a 2-D environment that is 100 squares by 100 squares. Each square in the environment has a certain amount of grass on it. If a rabbit is hungry and on a square with grass, it eats the grass until it is full. If a rabbit is hungry for too many time steps, it dies of starvation.

If a rabbit is in a square with 0 grass, it moves randomly to an empty square to the north, east, south, or west (or stays put if all those squares are full). Each square can have a maximum of 1 rabbit on it at each time step.

Each rabbit starts with 10 points of hunger and cannot exceed 10 points at any given time. Each time step, each rabbit loses a point of hunger. If a rabbit is at or below 5 points of hunger, it is considered hungry, and it will eat grass if the grass is available on its square. If the rabbit drops to 0 points of hunger, it dies.

Each square starts with 10 points of grass and cannot exceed 10 points at any given time. Grass in an empty square regrows by 1 point every time step.

Rabbits that have at least 5 points of hunger can reproduce asexually with some percent chance. To reproduce, there must be at least 1 empty square to the north, east, south, or west of the rabbit. The new rabbit is placed randomly in one of those empty squares. When a rabbit reproduces, its hunger points are divided between itself and the new rabbit as evenly as possible, with the remainder discarded.

The model should start with a single, randomly-placed rabbit.

The model should take a number of time steps as input, which specifies how long a particular simulation should run. As output, it should show the state of the grid at each time step -- how many grass points each square has, and how many hunger points the rabbit on each square has.
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