Monday May 13, 2013
This problem is based on the processes and chemistry used by chains of amino acids to "fold" into proteins.
The structure of this problem is from Project Euler Problem 300 ( You should become familiar with the description there before proceeding.

1) Design and implement an algorithm which, given an arbitrary string of H and P elements, finds the conformation with the maximum number of H+H bonds.

2) Test and refine your implementation using user-supplied data sets that conform to the input specifications found in the Project Euler problem.

3) Run your program using the test string provided in step 4; your software's output should closely resemble this format (note, this is an example only):

Input string: HHPPHHHPHHPH
Number of H+H bonds in best conformation: 9
Grapical representation (ASCII) of the best conformation:


4) Test string: HHHPHHPPHHPHH

5) Faster solutions are better!
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