Sunday August 15, 2010
GEONGRID is an online community dedicated to developing resources for, visualizing, and collaborating on geolocated earth science data. It provides many online resources. This problem will walk you through a few of them.
First, investigate the PaleoIntegration Project, and answer the following questions:

-Which areas of the United States have yielded the most cerapods from the Jurassic Period?

-View the concentration of Gallimimus fossils from the Cretaceous period. How do you explain the dense concentration along disparate continents? (Hint: View the paleomaps from both this period and previous periods.) You may want to narrow down on certain types of evidence.

Next, open Synseis, and use it to answer the following questions:

-What areas in the US saw the most seismological activity in the past month? Be specific.

-Pick an event from the last week and retrieve the stations around it. What was the event's depth and magnitude?

-Retrieve the waveforms from one or more stations nearby. Tell the story of which direction(s) the earth moved.

You may also want to investigate the Earthscope and the GEON Integrated Data Viewer (IDV).
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