Sunday July 4, 2010
Neglecting relativistic effects, two objects m1 and m2, located at positions vec{x1} and vec{x2} respectively, feel a pull towards each other. The solution to N bodies attracted to each other by gravity is known as the N-body problem.
One tool that has been designed to allow scientists to study gravitational interactions is the N-body ( code Gadget-2.

The Gadget2 example programs include a case of colliding disk galaxies. Create new input files and parameter files for Gadget2 in order to run the following cases, and compare them to the original input file.

* Collision of disk galaxies oriented at a perpendicular angle
* Collision of a disk galaxy with an elliptical galaxy
* Collision of two elliptical galaxies

Gadget2 allows for input and snapshot (output) files in either its own unformatted FORTRAN format or in HDF5 format, both of which are documented in the Gadget2 documentation.

Visualize the results of each simulation using any tools of your choice.
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