Monday June 29, 2015
This problem challenges you to take an existing program that models the Mandelbrot Set and rewrite it in C such that it runs in parallel using OpenMP.
The "Fractal OpenMP starter zip file" below contains the starter code, written in JavaScript, which calculates the Mandelbrot Set assuming 513 rows of pixels, 513 columns of pixels, a step size of 0.00625, and a maximum depth of 100. This program outputs (on a web browser page if you open the index.html file) the number of iterations for each pixel, separated by commas. Each row of the output begins a new line.

Your task is to write a program that produces the same output using C instead of JavaScript. In addition to producing the same output, your program should use OpenMP to parallelize the program. Specifically, the work of setting the (x,y) coordinates and calculating the number of iterations for each pixel should be split up among multiple OpenMP threads.

Your solution should be a source code file, written in C, which can be compiled and run on a system that has OpenMP capabilities.
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