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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Focused on Filling Gaps in Computer Science Workforce

Paul Gross, assistant professor of software development, says he works on the practical side of computer science. “It’s the side where it’s more important to know how to build software than it is to do research,” he says. “We have a massive shortage of people who can work on that practical side, people who have different areas of expertise. We need graduates who have studied chemistry or psychology, who can take that specific knowledge and develop software.”

Major Companies Partner with Colleges for Education Opportunities in Emerging Tech

As recent graduates enter the workforce, many employers are not as confident in the skills these new entrants bring with them. Only 35 percent of employers report feeling confident that new recruits are well prepared with hard technical skills and “soft skills” such as complex problem-solving and analytical reasoning, according to a recent Bloomberg Next report.

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