Monday March 2, 2015
This problem challenges you to parallelize a program that has been profiled using GNU gprof and for which a section has been identified as a candidate for parallelism.
This problem is based on a previous challenge problem with which you are recommended to first familiarize yourself, linked below.

Given the solution to the previous challenge problem and the starter code at the bottom of this challenge, take the function that was identified as a candidate for parallelism, and make a parallel version of it using OpenMP, making sure to preserve the same results when switching between serial and parallel (to help verify this, you can turn off randomness - use a constant seed for the random number generator in line 37 of main.c, e.g. srandom(0)).

There are a number of previous challenge problems related to OpenMP and shared memory that you can use as reference if needed for using OpenMP to parallelize:
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Challenge Resources:
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