Monday February 3, 2014
This problem challenges you to modify an existing program to generate output so you can create a visualization.
The "Heat Flow Viz starter zip" file below provides a program that simulates the flow of heat through an object. This program is similar to the sample solution from an earlier challenge problem (, except it is hard-coded to only simulate 3 time steps for an object with 3 rows and 3 columns and an initial left temperature of 100. Your task is to modify the program to output a CSV (comma-separated value) file for each time step of the simulation. These files will be used in the visualization.

The starting program is written in C, and instructions for compiling and running the program are provided in a README inside the folder contained in the zip file.

One way to write out CSV files is to use the C functions fopen(), fprintf(), and fclose().

Instructions for using ParaView to generate the visualization are provided in the "Heat ParaView Instructions txt" file below. You can also choose a tool other than ParaView to do the visualization, but if you do so, your solution must contain a set of instructions for generating the visualization using the tool you choose. Whatever tool you use, you must visualize the object as a "structured grid" using color to represent heat.

In addition to the modified program, your solution must also contain 3 images, one for each visualized time step of the simulation. Alternatively, you can provide an animated video of the 3 time steps.
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