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Nepal Disaster Relief Efforts to Be Aided By Glacier Researchers: Supercomputers, Terrain-Mapping Techniques Employed In Urgent Efforts

Researchers who normally use high-resolution satellite imagery to study glaciers are using their technology this week to help with disaster relief and longer-term stabilization planning efforts related to the recent earthquake in Nepal. On April 25, a violent earthquake struck central Nepal, killing more than 7,000 people and destroying hundreds of thousands of homes. The deadliest earthquake in Nepal since 1934, the tremor killed at least 19 climbers and crew on Mount Everest and reportedly produced casualties in the adjoining countries of Bangladesh, China and India. Two research teams ...

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XSEDE Campus Champions, Stampede and Lonestar4 Supercomputers of TACC Help Create 3D Images Deep Underground

A new work based on 3-D supercomputer simulations of earthquake data has found hidden rock structures deep under East Asia. Researchers from China, Canada, and the U.S. worked together to publish their results in March 2015 in the American Geophysical Union Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth. The scientists used seismic data from 227 East Asia earthquakes during 2007-2011, which they used to image depths to about 900 kilometers, or about 560 miles below ground. Notable structures include a high velocity colossus beneath the Tibetan plateau, and a deep mantle upwelling beneath th...

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Solution for the week of May 11, 2015:

The "MPI Pi solution zip file" at the bottom of the challenge contains a solution.


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HPC Research and Education News for the Week of May 18, 2015 Sponsored by XSEDE

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Applications Now Being Accepted: 2015 HBCU All-Star Program

Application Deadline - June 17, 2015

Are you a student who wantsto impact your HBCU Campus and community?

The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) works to promote HBCU excellence, innovation, and sustainability. The Initiative recognizes undergraduate, graduate, and professional students for their accomplishments in scholarship, leadership, and civic engagement. To read further, please visit

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Sunday's Tech Grab Bag: $9 Computer Raises $1M on Kickstarter

CNN Tech

The dirt-cheap computer is CHIP, a 2.5-inch motherboard that costs about the same as one month of Netflix (NFLX, Tech30), or two venti caffé mochas at Starbucks (SBUX). How can a computer be so inexpensive? Next Thing Co., the Oa...

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XSEDE Partners and Friends Research News for the Week of May 11, 2015 Sponsored by XSEDE

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PSC Poker Tournament Update: Claudico at the Bat

And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout, But there is no joy in Mudville—mighty Casey has struck out.—Casey at the Bat, Earnest Lawrence Thayer

There is rapidly diminishing joy around here. The math is building up, and it doesn’t look great.

“It’s common for a guy to be $200,000 up in Texas Hold ’em and still lose,” said Doug Polk, the world’s number one ranked poker player, at the beginning of the “Brains vs. Artificial Inelligence” tournament at the Rivers Casino here in Pittsburgh. I’d held onto that thought through ...

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DEADLINE EXTENDED - Workshop on Monitoring and Analysis for High Performance Computing Systems Plus Applications

In conjunction with IEEE Cluster 2015

September 8, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois
Extended Abstracts Deadline - May 18, 2015,
Extended Papers Deadline - May 25, 2015

Modern processors and operating systems being used in HPC systems expose a wealth of information about how system resources, ncluding energy, are being utilized. Lightweight tools that gather and analyze this information couldprovide feedback, including run-time, to increase application performance; optimize system resource utilization; and drive more efficient future HPC system design. HPCMASPA 2015...

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DEADLINE APPROACHING: Code @ TACC: Summer High School STEM Program

Session I: June 15-26, 2015 – Austin, Texas
Session II: July 13-24, 2015 – Austin, Texas
Application Deadline – May 31, 2015
Notification – June 7, 2015

Code @ TACC is an innovative and exciting summer program that incorporates a project based learning approach to expose students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. Students will foster their talent and creativity by being introduced to the principles of high performance computing, life sciences, networking, robotics, and electronics. All stu...

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