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SDSC Names Ilkay Altintas Chief Data Science Officer

Ilkay Altintas has been appointed Chief Data Science Officer of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, effective immediately. Altintas, who joined SDSC in 2001, will lead the strategic coordination of all computational data science activities at SDSC while overseeing application-based solutions and their related technologies. Altintas was also named head of SDSC’s Cyberinfrastructure Research, Education, and Development division, better known as CI-RED. CI-RED encompasses some 85 researchers at SDSC involved in a vast array of projects that...

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Deadline Approaching: SIGHPC Travel Grants to SC

November 15-20, 2015 – Austin, Texas
Application Deadline – September 3, 2015

SIGHPC's flagship conference is the SC Conference held every November.  Established in 1988, SC: The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis is co-sponsored by ACM and IEEE-CS, with SIGHPC and SIGARCH overseeing it on behalf of ACM. Approximately 5,000 people participate in the technical program, with about 11,000 attendees overall.  SC has built a diverse community of participants including researc...

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HPC UNIVERSITY BI-WEEKLY CHALLENGE SOLUTION – JavaScript Diffusion, Limited Aggregation

Solution for the week of August 10, 2015:

The "JavaScript Diffusion, Limited Aggregation solution zip file" at

the bottom of the challenge contains a solution.


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HPC University Bi-Weekly Challenge - JavaScript Diffusion, Limited Aggregation

RELEASE DATE:  August 10, 2015

Your task is to use HTML and JavaScript to create a version of an
existing AgentSheets/Java model.

Your task is to implement an HTML/JavaScript version of Shodor's
"Diffusion, Limited Aggregation" AgentSheets model

Your program should have buttons to play, pause, step, and reset the simulation. There should also be a selection menu that allows the user to choose a "stickiness factor" betwe...

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Recap of Grace’s Coding Club Lunch Events at SDSC

July 22, 2915 – San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD

Twenty middle school students attended our recent luncheon to encourage girls’ interest in computer science. Each group of 3-4 girls were paired with a female computer scientist working at SDSC. The theme of the event was “Follow Your Dreams”, which became even more meaningful to the girls when they saw that all seven mentors took very different career paths to ar...

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Thomas Bogdan Departing As UCAR President

The Board of Trustees of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) announced today that it is exercising its option to terminate Thomas Bogdan’s five-year contract as UCAR president, effective July 10. The board is looking at several possibilities for an interim leader. The board expressed appreciation to Bogdan for his service to UCAR and its member universities. As president for the last three and a half years, Bogdan provided new vision for the organization, working to diversify funding sources and build relationships with the commercial sector. The board reached its...

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Computing the Cost of Catastrophe: Researchers Use XSEDE/TACC Resources to Calculate Future Damage from Hurricanes

Hurricane Katrina, the most deadly and destructive storm to hit the United States, caused 1800 deaths and an estimated $81 billion in damages. Most of the loss was not due to the storm's high winds, but the accompanying storm surge and flooding. Imminent climate change and sea level rise could possibly make these mega storms more frequent and intense, and especially disastrous to those living on the coast. While it's challenging, beginning to quantify future loss from storms may help communities start planning to prevent unnecessary death and destruction. Francisco Olivera, associate prof...

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Introduction to iPhone Development Workshop Starting Next Week

July 27-31, 2015 – Durham, North Carolina

Participants in this workshop will learn the basics of mobile app development in the context of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. We'll use Xcode, Apple's development environment, to create apps which we can run in the simulator as well as on actual devices. We have several iPads and iPods available, but feel free to bring your own as well, if you wish, so that you can bring home the apps that you write! The three prongs of this workshop are:

  • What makes a good mobile app
  • How to ...
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Neutrons Find “Missing” Magnetism of Plutonium

Groundbreaking work at two Department of Energy national laboratories has confirmed plutonium’s magnetism, which scientists have long theorized but have never been able to experimentally observe. The advances that enabled the discovery hold great promise for materials, energy and computing applications. Plutonium was first produced in 1940 and its unstable nucleus allows it to undergo fission, making it useful for nuclear fuels as well as for nuclear weapons. Much less known, however, is that the electronic cloud surrounding the plutonium nucleus is equally unstable and makes plutonium ...

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Access To Big Data Is Crucial For Credibility Of Computational Research Findings, Says University of Illinois Library and Information Science Professo

Think of a scientist at work, and you might picture someone at a lab bench, doing a physical experiment involving beakers or petri dishes and recording his or her findings, which will eventually form the basis for a scientific paper. That’s the old model of science, says University of Illinois professor of library and information science Victoria Stodden. Science is being transformed so that massive computation is central to scientific experiments, with scientists using computer code to analyze huge amounts of data. Computational science might be used to study climate change, to simulat...

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